RGPalanca Construction and Development CorporationWelcome to RG Palanca Construction and Development Corporation.

A stunning home in a welcoming neighborhood is just a few clicks away. We are a group of experienced architects and building contractors specializing in design, construction and development of residential homes and commercial buildings in the Philippines. For more than 20 years, we’ve been creating masterpieces with focus and speed.  Find out why more and more people are choosing RG Palanca Construction and Development Corporation.


Our Groundbreaking Story

RG Palanca Construction and Development Corporation is a trusted name in engineering and construction. We specialize in construction, design, consultation and development. Our portfolio constitutes over a hundred projects ranging from residential, commercial and low-rise buildings. It does not matter how challenging your requirements may be, because we can make out a perfect plan for you. Our in-depth knowledge of the industry, profound experience and commitment combined with our leading-edge and dynamic approach assures customer satisfaction every time.


Our Roadmap
To be able to achieve both our long-term and short term goals, we have devised a framework that will help us reach them on time and keep us on track.

To be the leading construction, design and development company in the Philippines known for its expertise that ranges from planning to construction. First-class design, strong teamwork and on-time results with superior quality will be our distinct assets.

  • To achieve client satisfaction by providing the highest level of  quality service all the time
  • To ensure that we earn an excellent reputation with our clients through the same high level of professionalism, eagerness and service-oriented attitude.
  • To create a harmonious relationship rooted in professionalism, integrity, honesty and equality with our suppliers and sub-contractors
  • To nurture a work environment where employees can dedicate themselves to providing our customers with quality workmanship, remarkable service, and professional integrity
Corporate Values:
1. Teamwork
We believe that our primary asset is our people. That is why we strive to make our workplace a gratifying one. We help our people reach their potential by providing the best opportunities tied up with encouragement.
2. Commitment
We are distinguished for our commitment to deliver quality projects on schedule. The highest quality service is achieved as we apply our creativity and innovations to every project. Most importantly, we assure our clients that their project will be completed the way it was planned.
3. Integrity
We have built a reputation for integrity and trust from our customers over the years. Guided by our founding values of dedication, quality and passion we have acquired a distinct number of satisfied customers who trust and recommend us to future clients.
4. Customer Satisfaction
Our client’s approval is of utmost importance. All our processes, from planning to completion, are done under strict quality control. All specifications should be met including tests and meticulous inspections before a project is handed over. Our work would only be complete when the client is satisfied.